It rarely happens that both sides of the political spectrum agree when it comes to a new law passing. Especially in a state like Idaho where residents sit strongly on both sides.

If a Republican led law passes, the Democrats are up in arms. If a Democrat led law passes, the Republicans try to fight back. Rinse, repeat. It's so old, so lame, so predictable, and frankly, we're sick of it.

It was clearly surprising to us, then, when we found out that a new law that passed in Idaho in 2023 is getting bipartisan support from both politicians and voters!

Here's the new law:

SB 1298: Adds to existing law to provide certain protections regarding automatic subscription renewals.

This amends the Idaho Consumer Protection Act. It requires that the consumer of a subscription must be able to cancel the subscription the same way they subscribed to it—“click to cancel.”

You're reading that correctly. Idaho politicians just made it easier for all Idahoans to cancel a subscription or subscription service.

Sick of getting those emails about Beanie Baby Prices? Click to cancel.

Don't need anymore coupons to the local hairstylist from the city you lived in during college? Click to cancel.

No longer planning on purchasing that timeshare, even though you spent an entire weekend at the ski lodge and sat through numerous presentations? Click to cancel.

This is going to save us so much time and money. You'd never believe how much money we waste monthly on subscriptions we're no longer using.

Thanks government! It's about time y'all played nice together.

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