A recent decision by Idaho lawmakers has left MANY here in the great state of Idaho scratching their heads. Believe it or not-- the issue is around: license plates.

A few weeks ago, we let you know that the Governor of Idaho, Brad Little signed into law a new license plate that promote a 'Choose Life' message. Proceeds from the license plates would, according to Governor Little, go towards Choose Life Idaho, Incorporated-- a group that plans to use the funds to encourage alternates to abortion.

We also told you a number of weeks ago about another licence plate that COULD be coming to Idaho...this one, still working its way towards the Governors desk. The license plate would promote the message "Too Great for Hate"-- a message that Idaho legislator Cherie Buckner-Webb thought could spread some smiles around the state.

This 'Too Great for Hate' license plate didn't even make it to Governor Brad Little's desk, as just last week the Idaho House killed the bill.

Who doesn't think that Idaho IS 'too great for hate'!?

Had the license plates been passed and made official, funds would have gone towards the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights-- which houses the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial here in Boise. The center is a nonpolitical institution who works to promote respect for human dignity and diversity through education and fosters an individual responsibility for justice and peace. They offer lesson plans for the classroom, educator resources, professional experiences, and service learning opportunities.

Seems pretty harmless, right?

Denying this license plate has many confused as to WHY Idaho lawmakers wouldn't pass the plates.

I should note, there is no parallel between the Idaho Chooses Life plate and the Too Great for Hate plate. The question at hand simply seems to be-- why could one plate which bragged itself to be partisan and driven by faith and prayer, not co-exist with a non-partisan, non-political, license plate? Are Idaho lawmakers being tunnel-visioned?


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