For the first time in what seems like several years, the price of gasoline in Idaho has fallen out of the top ten most expensive states in the country. We've all grown accustomed to excessive gas prices in Idaho since Donald Trump left office.

Boise Gas Guzzlers

These vehicles have some of the worst miles per gallon rated by Car and Driver. No electric vehicles on this list.

This week, AAA reports that our state is ranked the sixteenth highest state for gasoline prices in a release. The cost of purchasing gas in other states has moved Idaho out of the top ten and into the top twenty. Idaho's price per gallon is still over the national average despite the good news. The Gem State's average is $3.52 per gallon, but the national average is $3.49 per gallon.

Will Idahoans See Savings?

Common sense would dictate that since prices are lower the savings would be passed on to the consumer.  AAA's Mathew Conde says, “We aren’t seeing huge savings when we fill up, but we’ve been spared from some of the dramatic price hikes that are happening around the country."  He continues, "As temperatures warm, rising fuel demand is combining with the high cost of crude oil to put significant upward pressure on gas prices.  We’re likely to feel the effects in our state very soon.”



Concerns over a possible war between Russia and Ukraine have pushed the price of a barrel of oil to almost $100.00.  Several Republican senators have called on the president to allow oil-producing states like North Dakota and Texas to begin oil production.  So far, the administration has declined that option.

Idaho Gas Prices Per City Courtesy of AAA


Boise - $3.58

Coeur d’Alene - $3.37

Franklin - $3.34

Idaho Falls - $3.40

Lewiston - $3.38

Pocatello - $3.51

Twin Falls - $3.61

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