Visitors Pay Their Respects On Martin Luther King Jr. Day At Memorial To MLK
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t's Martin Luther King Jr. Day across the country and in Boise the Idaho Food Bank is giving back. We recognize that the Idaho Food Bank always gives back to the community and this day shouldn't be any exception.

The Idaho Food Bank is calling today, "Make Today a Day On - Not a Day Off." I wrote earlier that you could use this moment as a teachable topic with your kids. You don't have to let this just be another day off.

The IFB is honoring MLK in its own way which targets those families struggling to feed their children. The IFB is using this day to encourage people to take a few moments and donate some time. Volunteer your personal time by giving back with several different types of shifts that are flexible around your schedule.

Today the IFB is unpacking and stuffing backpacks with school supplies. The goal is to build over 6,200 backpacks for kids. They are doing this in Boise, Lewiston, and Pocatello.

Reach out to the Idaho Food Bank for more information or to volunteer by clicking below.

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