Idaho is one of, if not the most charitable state in the union. We seem to have a contest between our state and Utah on who is the number one most generous state. Idaho Gives an event that has grown over the years that began as one day but now lasts for several days. Idaho Gives allows nonprofits to highlight their great works by soliciting funds to expand or keep the lights on.  

Warhawk Warbird Round Up Photos

The Warhawk Museum, located in Nampa, Idaho, is one of our most unique Idaho nonprofits. The museum hosts several events, from monthly coffee caches for veterans to significant air shows that draw thousands of folks from across the country. The Warhawk honors the men and women who serve our nation in the air, land, and sea.  

Visitors can see authentic uniforms worn by America's heroes who fought for our nation while protecting our freedoms. Aircraft that flew primary missions over enemy lines are also displayed at the Warhawk. Their mission is to provide a frame of reference for those who were blessed to be born in America but did not have to fight in a war to keep us safe.  

If you'd like to support the efforts to preserve the Warhawk, you may click their link here.  

Admission to the Warhawk Museum is affordable. Adults pay $14, seniors $12, Veterans/Military ID $12 and kids 5-12 $5. The staff is looking forward to expanding its facility due to our area's continued popularity and patriotism. As we, unfortunately, continue to lose the brave men and women who fought the Axis Powers, like the World War II Memorial, Idaho, must contribute to maintaining their legacies.  

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