Idaho. The Gem State. The Potato State. We go by a few names here in Idaho, but "Idaho" is our official moniker. But why?

We're about to weave you a tale of lies and controversy which lead to our great state getting the name we all know her by today.

Let's go back.

Way back when, a gentleman by the name of George Maurce Willing Jr., better known as "Doc,", suggested the nameless track of land we now know be called "Idaho." Why? At the time, Doc said the term Idaho was a Shoshone term meaning "Gem of the mountains."

Cool, right? It would be if it were true.

The state's name of Idaho was made official, and all seemed well in the world. Until the true reasoning behind the name was discovered.

Doc later revealed that his explanation of Idaho's namesake was a farce. He made it up. We don't know why he made up this extravagant claim, but we do know the true meaning behind the term "Idaho."

Sit down, because this is going to change everything you know and love about the Gem State.

Doc confessed that he was fond of the girls' name "Ida," and decided adding a few letters would make for a great name for a state. Reread that, Idaho is named after a young lady.

Now we don't know if Ida was just a name Doc was fond of, or if this was a woman he had a crush on, a relationship with, or maybe something even more mysterious.

So there you go. Idaho was named after a girl who may or may not exist. Gonna be a great story to tell at Thanksgiving this year.

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