A high school basketball team in Eastern Idaho has been the topic of discussion among basketball fans nationwide over the last several days all because of their decision to boycott. What some believe has been a valiant stand--others believe is a totally immature look that will impact the players and the program in the future.

It all began just over a week ago when the Idaho State Journal reported that the varsity boys basketball team at Highland High School was going to be benching themselves. the cause? Well--thy didn't like their coach. If you have ever played for a coach or worked for a boss that you didn't like, maybe you know the frustration-- but to just "boycott" is a bold reaction.

While the team wasn't QUITTING the season, they let the school know that they wouldn't be playing another game until their head coach resigned and was replaced by one of their two assistant coaches.

So what's the frustration? Well, players say their coach is just...unorganized. One player was quoted saying to the local newspaper:

He’s very disorganized. But at the same time, he’s the most organized person outside of it. So it’s kinda weird. I just feel like he goes too far ahead of himself before can do what he’s doing in the present. He gets kinda ahead of himself, and we never follow our practice plan.

Do these players know better than their coach? Can he be blamed for their results on the court?

One college basketball coach on Twitter shared:

Apparently, students in the Treasure Valley have plenty of things to say about their high schools, too:

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