An Idaho High School student is in hot water after a 'promposal' went too far. The district's superintendent sent an angry letter referencing the wording in the proposal from a female student to a male student. It all began at Thunderidge High School's Sweetheart Ball, reports the Idaho Falls Post Register/Idaho Press.  

The poster said, "If I was black, I'd be picking cotton, but I'm white and picking you.' The poster was shared on social media leading to reactions from parents, teachers, and others within the Bonneville Joint School District 93.  

Superintendent Scott Woolstenhulme reacted by sending a letter home to parents that were shared by the Idaho Post Register. “As Superintendent, I feel a personal responsibility to our students, our staff, and our families who have been offended and hurt by this poster,” Woolstenhulme wrote. “While I will never be able to personally understand how it feels to be a target of racist and bigoted language, I recognize how traumatic such language must be. I am deeply sorry that such an awful remark was connected to our schools."

You can see his Facebook Post Below

Racial issues continue to plague Idaho. Most folks relate our great state to the white separatist movement that lived in Northern Idaho for years. There have been reports of racist acts in the Treasure Valley over the years. As of the time of this publication, the student who wrote the poster has not been identified or punished.

Allegedly both students are white which has caused reactions on social media and on the street.  East Idaho News spoke to one concerned parent.

“At first, I was just disappointed and a little sickened by it,” Tao Johnson, a senior at Thunder Ridge High School, told “That’s just not the type of stuff you want to see. As you go forward as a society, and hopefully we grow and move on from things, that’s just stuff you don’t want to see out there.”

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