Hair braiding was a significant concern for Idaho's House of Representatives Friday. Idaho's lower House passed a bill that would not require a license to braid someone's natural hair in the Gem State. HB762 passed the House without one vote against it, reports the Idaho Press.  

The bill appears to respond to a lawsuit filed against Idaho's cosmetology requirements by three refuges, says the Idaho Statesman. A cosmetology license requires over sixteen hundred hours of training. The three female litigants held a press event announcing their lawsuit earlier this week in front of the statehouse. The three want to have the legal ability to braid someone's natural hair without a license from the state.  

The issue at stake is money. According to the Statesman's report, hair braiding can be a lucrative profession and isn't taught extensively in Idaho. One of the attorneys commented on why he was taking the case along with its importance: "Instead of getting their businesses off the ground, hair braiders in Idaho are tangled in senseless regulation," said Dan Alban, Institute for Justice senior attorney. "Idaho should not be putting entrepreneurs out of business with unnecessary licensing laws."

Unlike property tax reform or the repealing of the state grocery tax, hair braiding legislation is on the fast track to becoming Idaho law. If passed through the committee, the bill will now go to the Senate for a committee vote and the full senate.  

KTVB shared the comments of Rep. Gayann DeMordaunt, R-Eagle from the House. "I am so pleased to see this fix. This really does speak to the continued work that we need to do in this building, in this Legislature, in looking at regulations, whether they are there inadvertently or not, and looking to make sure that people do not have to get permission from government to do simple work like this."

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