We know that folks in the Treasure Valley absolutely adore their pets--but Valentine's Day is not, and never really has been, an overwhelmingly "pet-centered" holiday. In fact, you have to wonder if pets get jealous on Valentine's Day--watching you or your significant other receive all of these gifts and attention and in many instances, the pet was in the house first!

The Idaho Humane Society is back in the news for doing great work--and this story is a fun one. Pet owners here in the Treasure Valley now have the opportunity to take their furry friends out for VALENTINE'S PET PORTRAITS!

We see this a lot around the holidays-- places will offer pet portraits for Christmas cards and season's greetings--but now, your pet can soak up the love for Valentine's Day, too, thanks to the Idaho Humane Society.

Cheesy couple photos with your pet could be fun--or perhaps you're single and just really love your cat? You could do that, too!

The portraits will be taking place at The Idaho Humane Society and everyone is welcome!

The event will be going on Friday, January 27th and Saturday January 28th and the folks from the Idaho Humane Society highly recommend booking back to back sessions if you have a pet that has a lot of energy and might need more than 5-minutes to settle down.

To get the ultimate Valentine's Day photo shoot for your pet lined up and booked, click HERE

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