The job market is crazy now. Overall, jobs are aplenty, but there's been an uprising against low-paying jobs versus inflation and rising prices of goods.

Needless to say, if you have a job that pays better, you're most likely going to have fewer money troubles. Unless you're paying for that new DLC in Call of Duty every month. You really don't need that Rambo skin for your character, do you?

I digress. Back to high-paying jobs.

Idaho is one of the best states in the country if you're bringing home the big bucks with one career field in particular:

Medical doctors.

According to Wallethub, Idaho is one of the best states in the country to be a doctor right now! They've done some research that has landed Idaho near the top of the list. Some of the criteria include:

  • Average annual wage
  • Least punitive state medical boards
  • Least expensive malpractice insurance

Idaho didn't land the #1 spot (that belongs to South Dakota), but overall, we killed it! Idaho is the fifth-best state in the country to be a doctor in 2022, and honestly, we'll take it.

While not excelling in any particular area, Idaho did above-average in almost all categories, bringing us toward the top of the list.

Are you practicing medicine in Idaho? Do you feel like it truly is a good place to be a doctor? Let us know on Facebook. We always love hearing from you to see if we're striking a nerve with the stories we're telling.

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