If you didn't know this, the Hispanic population is the largest growing demographic in the entire nation--and according to the Mayor of Boise Lauren McLean, that is the same for the City of Boise as well.

Credit: Mateo
Credit: Mateo

Pictured above, you can see Mayor Lauren McLean who read her proclamation on behalf of the people of the City of Boise, as she said. Honoring the contributions that the Hispanic community has brought and continues to bring to the city.

Governor Brad Little read and signed a similar proclamation on behalf of the people of the State of Idaho.

The event, which brought together all sorts of people from our community was opened and closed by some traditional dancing, as you can see pictured below!

Credit: Mateo
Credit: Mateo

While the Chief of Police for the City of Boise Brian Lee spoke, he said:

"The Hispanic community has been an integral thread in weaving together America"

A statement which clearly resonated with many in the room. If you're interested in following along with the month-long celebration here in the State of Idaho, know that it runs from today, September 15th, through Friday, October 15th!

The Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs is always a great resource, too! You can learn more about them, HERE.

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