The search for Michael Joseph Vaughan continues, according to the Fruitland Police Department. The police issued an update on their Facebook page recently. The five-year-old little boy has been missing for eight months now. His disappearance has sparked national coverage and pending legislation in the Idaho Legislature.  

The FBI and other state law enforcement agencies have received over eight hundred fifty leads concerning the missing child's whereabouts known as 'monkey.' The Fruitland Police shared with the public how the investigation is ongoing.

Timeline: Missing Idaho Child Michael Vaughan

Since late July of 2021, 5-year-old Michael Vaughan has been missing from his home and family in Fruitland, Idaho. The heart-shattering story has made it's way into the homes of families nationwide and several police organizations along side thousands of volunteers continue to keep the search alive. Below is a timeline of events leading up to where we are, now.

"Although we have been working the potential criminal abduction aspect since the time Michael went missing, it became our primary focus several months ago. Due to the fact that this is a criminal investigation we are limited in the information that can be shared. At this time we have no intention of coordinating another ground search as the entire area has been searched multiple times by local police agencies, professional search and rescue units, community volunteers, helicopters, drones, boats, divers, professional K9 units. These areas have been walked step by careful step and if a credible lead sends us back to that area or to a forest, a field, or anywhere, we will go."

There is a current reward being offered of $52,860.00 for his return. The Idaho House and Senate have passed SB 1378, the Endangered and Missing Person Alert. If you have any information that would help authorities, don't hesitate to get in touch with them at or to Crime Stoppers, Please keep the family in your prayers. KTVB first reported this story.  You can see the entire Facebook post here.

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