Many assume that Labor Day is the end of summer each year but here in the Treasure Valley, it seems like we're still in the thick of things. The temperatures are not cooling off and there are plenty of parties and social events going on all over town.

With so much going on--there are a lot of cars on the road and with that being the case, Idaho State Police has shared that they will be teaming up with local law enforcement to patrol out roads for impaired driving over the long weekend.

Taking steps to make sure you aren't putting anyone's life in danger should be something that you do every time you get in the car but with so many social events going on right now, it might be easy for someone to think they're good to drive.

One drink is one too many to drive.

Idaho State Police offer these six tips for the weekend, and beyond: 

  • Plan for a safe ride home before you "start the party", says the agency-- know how you're getting home after the festivities you might be parting in.
  • If you plan to go out with a group of friends, designate one to be the non-alcohol drinking driver. Or, find a friend in your life that might not be going out with you, but can drive you at the end of the night to where you need to go.
  • If someone you're with insists on driving after having even just one drink--take their keys and help them get home. It is never worth it.
  • If you're hosting a party, make sure that all gests are leaving with a sober driver
  • Whether you are out having fun or not--if you're in a vehicle, buckle that seat belt. These save lives and even if you're being safe in your car, you can never guarantee that the other drivers are.
  • Finally, if you drink--don't drive. Call a cab, order an Uber or Lyft, call a sober friend or find a safe place to stay for the night.


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