Oh yes Chili. A warm, sometimes spicy, bowl of comforting goodness. A favorite for many as the days are getting chillier -see what I did there- every day. I remember chili growing up as a winter staple in our home. My mom would usually make it without meat because it was a cheap and fairly easy meal to serve a big family. We all liked it and it also creates incredibly easy left overs.

As an adult I have been to a few chili cooking contests and have tried a large variety in restaurants as well. I don't recall a time that I have yet come across a chili that I hated. Sure some stood out as better than others but it is kind of a hard thing to mess up.


It turns out Idaho LOVES Chili, more so than most other states even. The most delivered food to homes in Idaho over the last few years go back and forth from Cheese Pizza to Chili. We also have a a few massive annual Chili eating contest in Idaho. The biggest perhaps the Annual Chili Cook-Off in Idaho City that is on its 35th year. It usually takes place near the end of winter.

chili cook off logo

So where is the best place in the state to find a delicious hot bowl of chili goodness? According to top ratings on Foursquare the winner is Goodwood Barbecue Company in Boise. When I was talking to co-workers today about chili at least half said that they like chili but only if it has no bean. Well good news bean haters, according to Foursquare user Tim Burroughs, "Try the chili, it is surprising great with no beans and all meat."

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