You read the headline correctly, a man from Idaho just broke the Guinness World Record for the longest tortilla throw. Most of us had no idea there was even a record for this but leave it up to David Rush to not only know about it, but to break the record. broke the story about David Rush who is a well known for breaking Guinness World records, in fact he has broken over 100 records so far. The record attempt was made at the Science of Guinness World Records Exhibit in Toronto.

The previous record was set at only 30 feet, 1 inch before David stepped up and threw a tortilla 54 feet, 5 inches.

Not all of David's attempts went as planned. In the process David had one tortilla bounce off the wall, one didn't go far enough to register for the record, while another one bounced off the ground at one point. Obviously, David did eventually break the record, which is just another notch in his World record belt.

The real question is how far can you toss a tortilla. All kids need to ask their parents before wasting food, but if you are the first person to toss a tortilla over 25 feet and send us a video through the App... we will buy you a burrito for lunch one day in the near future.

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