Some people know no limit when it comes to hurting others. Criminals like that will stop at nothing to aid in the suffering of their victims. This is one such story. Involving some very tasty sauce.

Last November, authorities in Idaho Falls responded to a stolen vehicle report involving a man named Derek Bryan Lee Gandall. Gandall was accused of stealing a rental car, and was later found by police in a completely different vehicle. Did he have drugs? You bet your bottom dollar he did!

Gandall was eventually caught by police after trying to flee on foot (rookie move), and oh boy what was found was nothing short of a treasure trove of drugs. Gandall was found to have:

  • Meth
  • A gun
  • 250 9mm rounds
  • Firearm magazines
  • Meth pipes
  • A scale (used for measuring said drugs)
  • Hundreds of fentanyl pills

Finding a criminal with drugs isn't out of the ordinary, so what gives? It's how he tried to transport the drugs.

Gandall had two "large bundles" of Sriracha Hot Sauce wrapped up suspiciously. Inside? You got it. It was meth.

If you don't know, we're already experiencing a shortage of Sriracha due to the supply chain and other issues, so letting even one bottle go to waste feels like a travesty.

If you came here thinking we were going to be talking about Fry Sauce, no sir no ma'am. Sriracha Hot Sauce is the greatest sauce on the planet, and any criminal who messes with it should be forced to listen to Kevin Federline's 2006 single Popozão on loop.

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