You're not going to believe some of the details of this story. That's ok. We wouldn't either. This is one of those "Hol' up, is this from The Onion?" type of stories. We assure you it is not.

However, know that everything you're about to read absolutely did happen.

Recently, a 24-year-old Idaho Falls man was charged with numerous crimes for shooting a 28-year-old man in the hand, then fleeing the scene. That isn't the weird part. Buckle up, buckaroos.

From here on out, to avoid confusion, we'll be referring to the two men as shooter and shootee. Let us continue.

So, why did shooter blast shootee in his hand? According to police, the shootee was suspicious of his ex-girlfriend and the shooter broke into his home to steal his DVR. Yes, in 2022, you're reading about a crime involving a DVR, which is apparently something people still own.

Later, the shooter and the aforementioned ex-girlfriend were both caught with fentanyl, and charged for that.

Both men are facing numerous crimes and could end up in prison for decades if they're found guilty.

So, what'd we learn here? Don't trust anyone who still uses a DVR in 2022. They're probably messing around with your ex-girlfriend.

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