They are cute, cuddly and in danger of being hunted to extinction, again.

The Idaho Fish and Game commission has instructed its staff to design a proposal for a grizzly bear hunt this fall in which one male grizzly bear may be eliminated.

Grizzly Bears are no longer protected under the Endangered Species Protection Act. There are an estimated 700 grizzly bears  that live in Yellowstone National Park and surrounding areas in Idaho. While Montana is not planning to authorize the hunting of any Grizzlies this season, Wyoming is considering allowing the hunting of up to 24. Way to go Wyoming...

But it's not all doom and gloom for the Grizzlies. Many wildlife advocate groups such as are trying to restore Endangered Species Act protections for the bears that the Trump administration negated.

Look, since the bears were just removed from the endangered species protection act, I think the state should take its time and study how they bear population continues to rebound as Montana seems to be doing. After all, the bears became an endangered species from overhunting.

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