News broke on the evening of July 3rd, that shots were fired in a neighborhood of Twin Falls, Idaho. When police arrived--a victim was found with a gunshot wound and ultimately, the 35-year-old man did not survive.

Since then, law enforcement all over the State of Idaho have been working to solve this case quickly. Newly released video just this week offered a glimpse into some of their evidence--what was originally a turn to the public for help has now turned into evidence that helped bring folks into custody.

Here is a look at the video released by Twin Falls Police Department:

Neighborhood Cam Catches Suspects in Idaho Murder

Here's a look at the footage that helped Twin Falls PD bring folks into custody

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There really are cameras just about EVERYWHERE these days.

We see this more and more--a crime will happen, police will ask the neighborhood for any footage they may have, and sure enough a various number of security measures that folks take for their own homes, end up helping the greater community.

That, today, seems that it has certainly been the case.

Chief of Police for the Twin Falls Police Department shared a statement online following the three arrests:

The Twin Falls Police Department would like to thank the community and our law enforcement partners for their dedication and support during this investigation. I would also like to thank the men and women of the Twin Falls Police Department for their hard work and commitment to arrest the persons responsible for this horrible crime

The department also noted that more charges may be tacked on to one or all three of these suspects and of course, a reminder that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

See the video for yourself, below: 

Leaked Video Claims To Capture Idaho Murder Suspect

While at this time, the footage remains in a state of speculation--a lot of the information known about this Idaho case seems to line up well with what has surfaced in this video.

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Video Captures Boise Residential Police Chase

Imagine seeing this outside of your front door!?

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Boise Traffic Incident Captured on Video Goes Viral

On Friday, May 20th, a video was posted online from a busy Boise street. The video showed a totally insane incident which involved one woman stopping down traffic and straight up screaming at vehicles that she forcibly stopped.
We don't know the contest of this video--only that one individual captured it on film.

Check out this incident and see the full video for yourself, below:

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

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