It didn't take long for the internet to jump all over Idaho again-- this time, it wasn't over something crazy in the news but rather, one of the most repetitive, "ear-infecting" songs you will ever hear.

A videographer from Barstool Sports spent a significant time here in the Treasure Valley and the greater State of Idaho leading up to what WOULD have been Boise State's bowl game prior to the COVID cancellation. With a significant following on Twitter, he teased that he had Idaho footage that otherwise, would probably never been seen.

Of course, it didn't take long for people to demand the goods...

Wow, are we glad the footage got released....

Well, it didn't take long for the internet to do what it does and go absolutely crazy over some quirky Idaho-related things.

We actually got "Rone" as he's known on social media on the phone and on the radio live last week just to go over what on earth was going on during this Idaho trip. In short, his take: the crew wanted to bring to light the credit that the POTATO deserves as a superfood.

Thanks, y'all.  Our favorite line? "there's gold in them hills!"

The real question is...are you ready for it? Check out a feature on the Idaho potato plus the song for yourself, BELOW:  

That isn't all that was covered in the Treasure Valley during Barstool's time in town prior to Boise State's bowl game. The video crew also captured footage of, what they labeled, "Idaho's Raunchiest Bar"--beloved Boise staple, Humpin' Hannah's.

Get an insight into their...interesting take...on Hannah's, below:

Is This Boise Bar Really Idaho's 'Raunchiest'?

If we to describe this downtown Boise bar that was recently featured by Barstool Sports, the word "raunchy" really wouldn't even come to mind. The bar, home to many fun nights and a safe space for everyone, is just another place that makes Boise so special.
As featured by Barstool Sports, however, the internet just can't get enough of THIS popular nightlife destination...


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