The last year has been far from easy for most people. Whether you're an individual working a job (or more) to make ends meet or you're a family that had many mouths to feed under one roof--the Coronavirus Pandemic that spanned longer than a year was not easy on anyone. In fact, challenges were thrown at those who prior, may not have needed much assistance at all. Sometimes, finding these resources can be difficult or intimidating.

There's hope for you if you're looking for a helping hand when it comes to your utility bill and this scorching heat.  I know that in my household, growing up, we used the air conditioning as little as possible to save on power costs. Now that I have my own place, I'm not as "conservative" with the temperature. Luckily for me, my apartment is cheap to cool off--not everyone has this luxury.

If you're an Idaho resident and you're looking for help paying that power bill while your air conditioner is working overtime--there's good news, as Idaho Power has options in place.

First of all, Idaho Power offers payment plans which anyone can set up by contacting customer service. With COVID-19 still impacting many, there are even more payment plans in place so that you can break up what you owe into multiple payments over a longer span of time. Their customer service line is: 208-388-2323

There is also "Project Share", which is a result of assistance from The Salvation Army. This one time payment of $300 towards your power account could be a huge help through this hot summer and even through winter. To learn more about which number to call depending on your county, click HERE.

Finally, there are significant FREE energy efficiency upgrades available to customers who qualify which may include everything from light bulbs to brand new furnaces or water heaters. You can learn more about qualifications on this money-saving effort, HERE.

Check Out the Best-Selling Album From the Year You Graduated High School

Do you remember the top album from the year you graduated high school? Stacker analyzed Billboard data to determine just that, looking at the best-selling album from every year going all the way back to 1956. Sales data is included only from 1992 onward when Nielsen's SoundScan began gathering computerized figures.

Going in chronological order from 1956 to 2020, we present the best-selling album from the year you graduated high school.



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