I've been back in Boise for about 5 months now and all of my out of town friends are still asking me how I like Iowa and sometimes Ohio? They say... what's it like living in the midwest? The potato question comes up every conversation and for some reason they think Idaho is a great big o'le farm. frankly I'm sick of it and I'm writing this mostly to educate my friends and because I thought you might get a kick out it. I'm going to share a partial list I found on movoto.com


1. Camouflage Is Never Out Of Style In Idaho

There’s so much hunting in Idaho, that it’s imbedded in the culture. It’s not uncommon to see people donning the camouflage pattern even if they don’t plan on shooting a gun that day as part of their simple “around the town” wear.

2. Football Games Here Can Get A Bit Blue.

Hopefully you’re not allergic to the color blue if you’re in Boise. Out-of-towners headed to a Boise State Broncos football game might be surprised to discover that the gridiron is bright blue. It’s the only blue AstroTurf in the world, and even though there are occasionally talks of changing it, the smurf colored field remains.

3. Not Even Freezing Cold Weather Can Stop An Idahoan From Fishing

Just because the winters get a bit chilly in Idaho, doesn’t mean people stop fishing. They simply drill a hole in the ice covering their favorite spot and plop their hook right into the water.

4. Fry Sauce Is The Best Condiment Known To Man. Period.

Idahoans are addicted to what they call “fry sauce.” It’s a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup, a true match made in heaven.

5. Sweet Corn Isn’t A Dessert

Idahoans just eat sweet corn like it is. It’s everywhere and it’s awesome. A few days in Idaho will have you convinced that there’s no better corn in the nation.

6. Skip The “Z” In Boise

Even though there isn’t a “z” in Boise, an out-of-towner will still act like there is. Let them know it’s pronounced “BOY-see” before too many people make fun of them.

7. Idahoans Don’t Live Off Of Potatoes Alone

While tons of potatoes come from Idaho, it’s not all the residents eat. There are several states that in which residents consume many more per year on average than those in the Gem State.

8. But Grilled Potato Ice Cream Is Actually A Thing Here

A fair favorite in certain parts of Idaho, potato ice cream is oddly more delicious than it might sound.

9. Finger Steaks Aren’t As Creepy As They Sound

If an out-of-towner is offered a finger steak, they’ll probably be a bit taken aback. Have no fear, Idahoans aren’t cannibals, they just found a better way to make a chicken finger—use steak instead.

10. Driving Hours To A Destination Is Pretty Normal In Idaho

Idaho is a very vast and sparsely populated state. It takes a long time to get from one big town to another meaning the distance will probably be measured in how many hours it takes to get there rather than minutes or miles.

11. Only The Brave Choose The Middle Fork

Home to some of the craziest white water rafting in the country, the Middle Fork of Salmon River gives thrill seekers over 100 miles of rapids. Starting at an elevation of 7,000 ft. and dropping down to goes down to 3,900 ft., it’s a pretty wild ride.

12. All That Delicious Trout You’ve Been Enjoying Is Probably Idahoan Trout

Fishing is a big deal in Idaho, with over 70 percent of trout sold in the U.S. caught in the Hagerman Valley near Twin Falls. While it’s landlocked, Idaho has some of the best seafood around.

13. There Is A Whole Lot More To Idaho Than The Plains

There’s a good chance that out-of-towners will be a bit shocked to discover that Idaho is much more textured than what they may have thought. It’s actually part of the Rocky Mountains with some awesome peaks and great skiing to match.

14. People In Idaho Love Taking Trips To Hell

North America’s deepest gorge, at almost 8,000 feet, Hells Canyon is home to Snake River, a popular whitewater rafting spot.

15. Idahoans Are Also Quite Familiar With Heaven

One of the best lookout spots in the state, Heaven’s Gate Overlook, allows visitors to gaze upon four different states from an elevation of over 8,000 ft.

16. Folks In Idaho Can Also Head To The Moon

One of the most popular attractions in Idaho, the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve is home to some of the largest lava fields around, most of which originated from a giant volcanic eruption many years ago.

17. Rodeos Are A Big Deal Around These Parts

Without any professional sports in the state to cheer for, some choose to root for the stars of the rodeo. One of the largest is the Snake River Stampede which draws close to 50,000 rodeo fans from around the state.

18. Idahoan Graffiti Artists Aren’t Always Breaking The Law

Boise is home to one of the coolest art spots in America, Freak Alley. The walls of this alley are filled with works created by graffiti artists and muralists, with the city embracing their contributions.

19. Aaron Paul Is A Pretty Big Deal In Idaho

Idahoans are super proud of anyone famous that comes from their small population, including Aaron Paul, famous for his performance as Jesse in “Breaking Bad.”

20. The Stars Are Much Bigger, Brighter And More Beautiful In Idaho

Without big cities lights and pollution to disrupt the view, the stars in Idaho are much brighter than anywhere else in the country, making for a spectacular starry night.

21. Huckleberry Isn’t Just A Funny First Name

The state fruit of Idaho, huckleberries can be found in everything from jams to pies to salads. They’re delicious and hard to find in the rest of the country. Make sure an out-of-towner gets their fill during their visit.

22. It’s Called The Gem State For A Good Reason

With over 72 different precious and semi-precious stones coming from the state, the nickname “Gem State” beats out the “Potato State” as the official state nickname of Idaho.

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