There's a friendly rivalry between Idaho and some of her neighboring states, but it's all in fun. Thanks to the influx of new people from all over the country, Boise is becoming more and more diverse, and we're here for it!

However, when we're able to brag and boast when we're way ahead of the states around us, we're 100% going to take advantage.

That's the case today!

Wallethub spent some time compiling 2022's Most & Least Stressed States, and the results are going to go pretty good with your morning coffee. If you live in Idaho.

Can one even find out which states are "most" or "least" stressed? Wallethub considered numerous variables:

  • Amount of hours worked weekly
  • Average hours of sleep per night
  • Credit score
  • Average health

...and a few other factors. We're glad they did, because Idaho did pretty well!

According to the chart, Idaho lands right smack dab in the middle of the pack at spot #27.

Nevada is the second most stressed state, while California is #14.

Being that April is Stress Awareness Month, here's how to combat stress via an Associate Professor at Arizona State University:

Fighting stress is an individual process so I think the first thing to do is identify what is the cause or source of your stress, what helps reduce stress for you at that moment and more generally…and what resources do you have at your disposal to deal with the stress. It is really person-to-person that reduces stress (for instance, I am not a yoga person) but there are a lot of low- or no-cost stress reducers, such as being outside in nature, practicing along with a YouTube yoga video, calling a friend, or family member. If you have insurance that does not have a lot of additional out-of-pocket expenses (e.g., copays), then therapy is a great option. If that is not an option, there are local and national mental health hotlines that can offer support (for instance, 1-800-273-8255 is the national suicidal prevention hotline and local social service departments may be able to help identify mental health service providers that operate at a free or reduced cost).

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