We're lovers of lists on the internet and that seems to be why websites and research companies continue to create them. One of the most well known finance and living websites, Wallet Hub, has just released a list that once again, Boise is nearly topping.

We've been saying for a long time now that "the secret is out"--yeah, people know about Idaho. We are more than a land of potatoes and that is why so many people can't stay away--there's city life, country life, and even mountain life!

When it came to compiling this list of "best places", a ton of different factors were taken into account.

  • Affordability (Cost of living, housing affordability, home ownership rate)
  • Economy (Unemployment rate, Population growth, income gap)
  • Education (things like high school graduation rates, college graduates)
  • Health (population obesity, life expectancy)
  • Safety (violent crimes, property crime, traffic related fatalities)

Glancing at this list, we know that housing affordability will not be one of Idaho's "strong suits" but safety, economy, and health do seem to lean in our favor.

As expected, we landed near the top--TOP 5, actually!

Curious to see how the top 5 ranked?

Five Best States To Live In

Notorious for creating all sorts of lists and ranking just about everything under the sun, WalletHub is back at it again. Why must these sites pit the states against one another? Regardless--here we go...the Five Best States to Live In, ranked!

We're slightly offended that Idaho didn't top the list--but then again, we're fine if everyone starts re-directing their moves to Boston, too!

If you want to see the entire list of states and where they ranked, you can do so by clicking HERE.

Now let's take at look at the WORST places to live..

America's 10th Worst Places to Live is Hours From Boise

When it comes to great places to live, Boise is among one of the very best. The "Boise Bubble" is real, if you ask us, but not far from the place we call home is one of the WORST places to live in America, according to a recent study shared by CNBC. In fact, the TENTH worst place to live in the country is just hours away from Boise...

Let's start from the top!

Three Idaho Cities Were in the Top 15 Fastest Growing in U.S.

It may surprise locals to see which cities are growing the fastest!

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