Ah, rent. Don't you just LOVE to pay it?

Can you just feel the sarcasm coming through whichever screen you're reading this on? None of us LIKE to pay rent. If you're a homeowner, than--congratulations, I'm extremely jealous of your monthly ability to pay money towards an asset like a home.

It's the talk of the city right now and it grows louder and louder each day it seems--rent prices in the Treasure Valley are absolutely insane and there is no end in sight. Folks are paying thousands in rent for places that, let's be honest, just aren't worth it.  A renter myself, I delivered donuts to my property management company today for Donut Thursday and asked them to please not raise my rent (again).  While it was all in good fun, the explanation was simply "we wish we didn't have to, but everyone is".  I guess that's what makes it OK then? Sure.

You may think that our legislators are at the Idaho State Capitol fighting for us but a recent vote on what I think is a pretty fair and bipartisan issue says otherwise. It has to do with our rent.

Just this week, the Idaho House of Representatives voted against a bill that requires rental fees be disclosed to tenants in advance--securing a 30-day warning for rental fee changes.  Without something like this in place, your landlord can simply call you and say "hey, your rent goes up tomorrow" giving no opportunity for budgeting or preparation.

A clearly frustrated Representative Steve Berch wrote on Facebook:

I voted for this modest consumer-friendly bill.
If you rent an apartment, or know someone who does, please remember who's looking out for you - and who's not - when you vote next November.
Here's to hoping that tenants in the Treasure Valley aren't completely beat down any more than many already are, by eager landlords and property management companies.


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