In a few days, most of the political road signs that lined our roadways will be removed. The radio and tv ads have been replaced with familiar businesses promoting local and national companies. The media will look for other stories besides local politics to fill their airwaves.  

The state of Idaho has survived another primary season. Contrary to reports here, here, and here, Idaho proved more pragmatic in picking its leaders than 'far-right.' 


Let's look at how Idahoans and others reacted to Tuesday's primary.

As we've discussed and covered, President Trump failed to support Lieutenant Governor McGeachin to the extent that he did for his candidates in Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and other states.  

Would anyone consider Congressman Simpson a far-right candidate?  He's been in Congress forever and has continued to win reelection year after year.  Simpson is so strong that he's advocating blowing up dams in Idaho and still won handily.  The congressman keeps his head down and delivers for the state.  Idahoans appreciate his consistency.  Although they might not agree with him on every issue, he has yet to face a serious challenge.

I'd recommend reading that story.  You won't find that commitment to the truth in mainstream journalism.

Good luck and don't forget to pack a lunch!

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