When you were growing up, did you have "cable"? That magical TV connection that supplied endless entertainment, cartoon, and sports options? I remember going over to my friends' houses and watching ALL SORTS of shows--all around the clock. It was something of a spectacle as me because growing up in my house, those weren't an option.

To be honest, there never was really a show that I was sad I couldn't watch-- maybe that was just because I didn't know any better? I did, however, LOVE Idaho Public Television and to this day, I still do.

For kids, Idaho Public Television offered wholesome shows that at the time, I had no idea were any more wholesome than what was on Nickelodeon. Mister Rogers, Arthur, ZOOM--these shows all taught me important life lessons or skills. They were fun to watch! Now, as I have grown older, Idaho Public Television gives me shows like Frontline and Independent Lens.

According to some Republican representatives here in Idaho, Idaho Public Television shouldn't be funded and they claim the shows are biased. Representative Giddings of White Bird said that shoes like Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Arthur (my all time favorite growing up) talk about race and racism. "I think we have a problem" she was quoted saying. 

In the end, by a narrow 36-34 passing, budget for Idaho Public Television was approved.

It seems that each year, this gets more and more heated. This is nothing new, however.

I didn't just find this out of convenience-- this video has been a favorite of mine for years and I promise it will be the best 7 minutes you spend in front of your screen all day.

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