Although school is out for the year for most Idaho students, teachers, and parents, the state school board met recently to discuss the growing teacher shortage. Idaho and other states have struggled to keep Idaho's classrooms occupied by certified teachers.   

According to a report from Idaho Education News, the state board of education described the current teacher shortage as a crisis. The revelation is another body blow to Idaho Governor Brad Little and the state legislature, who spent millions of dollars this year in hopes of upgrading Idaho's disappointing test scores.  

The state board blames the lack of pay compared to the jobs outside of government. However, teachers have historically been underpaid in Idaho and across the country. The entire educational infrastructure appears at risk as the board reviewed the lack of support staff, such as bus drivers, janitors, and food workers.  

Funding education in Idaho has always been a controversial topic as districts that require more money run levies continuing to do so until they pass. The passage results in higher homeowners' taxes, yet Idaho's education system is still in the bottom tenth of the country.  

As we reported here, school superintendents are well compensated. The state board voted to give raises to several high-profile educators, including Boise State President Doctor Marlene Trump. Doctor Trump received a raise despite a published report from the Idaho Statesman that the university's athletic department lost a significant amount of money last year.  

Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin launched an investigation to see if Idaho schools were teaching Critical Race Theory. The committee received a lot of input from parents and teachers throughout the state.  

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