As our nation began to address and tackle a global pandemic, Idaho made nationwide headlines for passing two bill aimed at stopping transgender athletes from participating in sports that are contrary to the sex shown on their birth certificates. The bills that were passed garnered global criticism and Idaho was the first state in the country to pass such aggressive laws--ones that have been discussed but not acted on, in a few other states.

Now, advocacy groups and athletes around the country are asking the NCAA to skip over Idaho when it comes to NCAA sponsored events, most notably, the March Madness tournament set to visit Boise in the Spring of 2021.

Major names in athletics such as USA soccer star Megan Rapinoe, tennis legend Billie Jean King and more were among the group of high profile figures to ask the NCAA to NOT come and host any events in Idaho while these laws are active. More than 400 athletes and over 60 organizations are backing the movement.

According to Sports Illustrated, these letters state:

“Given Idaho’s adoption of a discriminatory law that directly impacts college athletics, violates NCAA values, and undermines the dignity and well-being of NCAA athletes, Idaho schools no longer qualify to host NCAA events.”


While we aren't sure what to expect from this just yet, I have learned that there IS a precedent set by the NCAA on this. During the 2016-2017 athletic season, the NCAA moved a grand total of SEVEN championship events out of North Carolina due to the infamous "Bathroom Bill" which banned people from using restrooms that didn't align with their birth certificates.

We will have to wait and see what comes of this effort but will continue to keep you posted on the latest.

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