The global pandemic continues here in the Treasure Valley, in the State of Idaho, and across our globe. Our entire human family continues to navigate COVID-19 and while nations like ours can measure what's going on scientifically, the virus continues to plague nations with less resources just as, if not more, significantly.

Here in Idaho, COVID-19 has impacted business, health, family, education, and more. It's no secret. As the pandemic began, Idaho was one of the final states remaining to see a positive test result. Once the virus finally made its way into the state, we, like our neighbors, saw an increase. Since the spring when the pandemic "began"--there have been thousands of infections, many deaths, and luckily many recoveries as well.

Now, as the State of Idaho is in Phase 4 of re-opening and Governor Brad Little continues to emphasize that Idaho is "open for business"-- COVID-19 numbers are yet again on the rise.


The increase in positive cases that Idaho is seeing right now has the state experiencing the largest coronavirus spike since the start of the pandemic began. New cases have increased by 46.5% over just the last two weeks.

Many health care professionals are calling on Governor Brad Little to take additional action to help stop the spread. Since March, Idaho has had 54,663 positive cases. According to the White House Coronavirus Task Force report, Idaho is STILL in the red zone for positive, confirmed cases as well--with the second highest rate in the country.

We'll continue to keep you posted on any further measures announced by local or state officials.

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