When it sounds like someone is breaking into the house, we reach for anything to keep us safe or even resort to weapons. What we don't think about is asking for help from a squirrel outside our bedroom window. 

Joey is a squirrel. He was Adam Pearl's pet for about 10 months living in his Meridian home. One night changed everything as Joey scared off a burglar who had attempted to break into the gun safe inside the home.

Unlike many humans, Joey isn't interested in any credit for being a crime fighter. He has since disappeared.

This is a true story. Yep, sure is.

Following the break-in, police were called and went into the house to investigate and "met" Joey who was inside the home at that time. Joey had left marks on the person who broke in which made it pretty simple to connect the two pieces. It was a teenager who had scratches on his hand (and items from Adam's home).

Don't you just imagine the whole National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation scene where the squirrel shoots out of the Christmas tree? Apparently that's not far from what actually happened.

It seems that Joey the squirrel was just protecting the family who rescued him after he fell out of his nest just after birth. Adam and his wife took care of the squirrel raising him to be strong and healthy. Once Joey was strong enough, Adam set it up to where little tiny Joey learned to fend for himself as he rummaged for nuts around the house.

Okay, seriously, this is a movie I'd watch on the Hallmark Movie Channel or some late night Nickelodeon special. This is the cutest.



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