Teachers are underpaid. Almost violently underpaid if you ask this writer. It's not out of the ordinary for us to see articles pop up daily about teachers struggling to get by, having to pay for their own classroom equipment, or even changing careers because a teacher's salary simply isn't enough.

This is why what you're about to read may almost come off as sarcastic, but is all straight facts.

According to the Idaho State Department of Education, teacher salaries in Idaho actually went up on average in 2021. Yes, you read that correctly.

Here are some numbers to chew on. Idaho teachers made an average of $53,000 in 2021, an almost 5% increase from the year before. That's a big jump, especially for a role that we normally see receiving pay decreases.

The numbers get even better depending on where you look.

In both South Central Idaho and the Twin Falls School District, teachers saw up to a 20% wage increase in 2021! In Blaine County, it's a little weird. While their teachers received (on average) the lowest wage hike, their overall salary is significantly higher, averaging around $70,000 per year.

This is all fantastic news, considering our teachers have had to deal with so so much these last few years. From layoffs to figuring out how to educate students remotely, our teachers have been pushed to the limit. We're just glad to see they're getting some kind of compensation for all their hard work.

To all the teachers reading, we love you. Thank you for all that you do.

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