Idaho lawmakers are currently spending a large amount of their time working on a bill that would effectively ban all drag shows from being performed in public.

Housing costs are through the roof. Gas prices are what gas prices always are. Folks can't afford to live on their full-time salary. But, ya know, can't have boys dressing as girls and lip synching to Ariana Grande. The horror!

It's a scary thought. Don't like a certain form of entertainment? Just get it banned! It's cancel culture at its finest, and since that's the point we're at, this writer has ideas.

Here are some other forms of entertainment that should be BANNED IN IDAHO.


Emergency Response Shows

NYPD Blue. Chicago Fire. Tuscaloosa Bird Catchers. Chicago P.D. N. S. Y. N. C. Too many shows. Way too many.


Anyone Performing 'Bring Me To Life' At Karaoke

Be it at a private event or in public, that song always sounds terrible at karaoke night. Ban it.


Anyone Displaying The Confederate Flag. Like, Ever

It's not as cool as that punisher skull bumper sticker, but it's gotta go.


Stand-Up Comedy Shows

One time, a comedian picked me out of the audience and made a joke at my expense. Ergo, all stand-up comedy shows should be banned for all eternity.



What exactly are they doing with that dollar bill? We have questions.


What else should be banned in Idaho if we're going to assure no one's allowed to have fun? Let's link up so you can sound off!

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