Our harsh winter did damage to roads, homes, and vehicles.

Worst of all, it took a major toll on Idaho wines!

Before there's a nationwide panic, don't fret, you can still get wine. We're talking about wine made in Idaho here. Your box of Franzia is safe and sound.

Mike Williamson of Williamson Orchards & Vineyard sums up the problem with future Idaho wine production:

We saw some... severe damage that's going to result in us having to restart our vineyards for this year, which means loss of production for the year.

You'd assume that the massive snowfall this winter is to blame for the damage done to grapevines here in Idaho, but that's not the case. It was the way below-average temperatures that did the majority of the damage:

Not everybody was minus eighteens; that's what we recorded on our block. Some were higher and some were lower, but I think most everybody I talked to has come to the conclusion that they're going to cut down and restart their vines.

Destroyed grape vines means producers will have a hard time making Idaho wine in 2017. Wineries are hoping for a mild winter this year so that they can play catch up with growing new vines and get back to producing some of the country's best wines.

Are you unfamiliar with some of Idaho's best wine brands? We've got you covered.


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