Every driver has made a mistake behind the wheel before, right? Perhaps it was messing with your radio, or fixing your makeup, or maybe even missing a stop sign or two. Common mistakes made every single day by Idaho drivers. No big deal.

This mistake? This one's a big deal.

An Idaho woman named Brandi Snowflake Morgan (yes, that's her real name) was sentenced to two to 10 years for what she did while piloting her vehicle recently.

Morgan admitted to police that she ran over someone in a WinCo parking lot with her car. Here's the catch: She said she ran them over because she thought it was someone else. Wow.

A detective interviewing Morgan had this to say:

I informed Brandi that she did not hit (the person she thought she did) and she said, 'Great.' I further said that she ran over an innocent person and broke both his legs. I asked Brandi if she thought anger overclouded her judgment and took over her. Brandi agreed and said, 'That's the biggest regret of my life."

Morgan will be serving time for felony aggrevated b attery and felony leaving the scnee of an accident resulting in injury or death.

As of the writing of this article, it's still illegal in Idaho to run someone over with your car. So, don't do that.

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