The Idaho Youth Ranch is Idaho's largest non-profit organization helping "at risk" youth for over 60 years by healing families, providing shelter and offering drug treatment. But unfortunately, some locations around the state will be closing.

The Idaho Youth Ranch says these stores are costing more money to run and they're taking away much-needed funding from their mission, so they decided to close the underperforming stores.

One of those underperforming stores is located on Chinden Blvd. Labor and transportation costs are on the rise, and the ranch has decided to allocate those funds to other programs that will more directly benefit kids. I'm personally happy to see that more funds will go to doubling the number of children helped. After talking to victims and families at this years Live for 175, I know the services they provide are vital and much needed in our community.

If you'd like to support Idaho Youth Ranch, there are other locations, including off of Broadway that you can still shop at.

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