Well, five-hundred-thousand dollars is a lot of money. Yeah, you read that right: $500,000.

What's the first thing you would do with this cash? I think we've all got an answer to this, right? I'd pay off my student loans, buy a new car, upgrade some things around my parents' house, give back to my alma mater(s)... and that still leaves me with plenty of money for saving.

One Idahoan, from the northern city of Athol, unlike you and I, is deciding what to do with that cash most likely as we speak.

If you have ever watched the reality TV show 'Alone'-- you know how incredibly difficult it is to win. Just today, this was the chatter of the office. Surviving on 'Alone' is far more difficult that Survivor could ever be. There are no camera crews, just self-documenting cameras. Our own Idahoan, Jordan Jonas, won the whole show!

Not only did Jordan Jonas win the titles and this huge lump-sum of cash, but he set some records while doing it. He outlasted his competition (with a whopping 77 days) and was the first contestant to ever kill a big-game animal. The moose he took down weighed nearly 900 pounds.

Contestants are only allowed to bring ten items onto their journey for the show and it is obvious that this was not Jordan Jonas' first camping trip... In fact he has a background in trapping and hunting big-game in Siberia.

Congrats, Jordan, from all of us at 103.5 KISS FM!

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