As an avid indoorsman, prior to the global pandemic in which we are living...going out was my jam. I love grabbing drinks with friends at some of my local spots. We all have our go-to drinks and our go-to bartenders. Shoutout to Matt Bragg who used to bartend at The Balcony Club. Nobody perfected my vodka gingers the way he did!

If you had to guess, which liquor would be Idaho's favorite? There are some really amazing locally made things, like 44 North Vodka (one of my favorites, too). But when it comes to liquor sales, who takes the cake?

With bars closed down for a large portion of this past year, Idahoans were forced (and I use that term lightly) to head to the liquor store to bring the goods that they'd normally order at the bar, home.

The sales were no joke--millions were sold in all sorts of liquor varieties.  The information, first shared by the Idaho Statesman's Michael Deeds, includes a pretty interesting investigation into how sales exceeded expectations during a pandemic-- liquor stores only saw a dip for a couple of weeks.

Idaho's most POPULAR liquor? Tito's Handmade Vodka.

Second place was about THREE MILLION DOLLARS more than was sold by the second place contender...Fireball (YUCK!).

Pendleton Whisky and Crown Royal came in at third and fourth place, respectively.




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