It's spooky season in the Treasure Valley and at this point, having an iconic photo opportunity in town on Halloween is just icing on the cake.

We all know Mr. Peanut and the world-famous peanut-shaped car that he is often photographed with, right? Well, tonight you can see the vehicle for yourself! It's just as amazing as the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile!

It has actually been in town for a couple of days so some may not be surprised to hear that it is rolling around today as it continues to tour the nation. How lucky to have Boise as a stop!

Let's get a glimpse of this beauty! 

An Exclusive Look at The Peanut Mobile

Here is what Idahoans can see at Haunted World tonight!

Are you excited to take a look? 

It's called the NUTmobile and it's something that has been an icon for years--now, you have the chance to see it! Consider this a totally jam-packed night of fun, given you can check out Haunted World just minutes after getting a tour and a photo with the official NUTmobile!

The car is accompanied by three "Peanutters" that can answer any and all questions related to the vehicle OR the famous Planters Peanuts!

Not interested in seeing the big rolling nut? No worries--there's a potential Halloween alternative that could be worth your time!

Here's a look at arguably the most festive street in the Treasure Valley for spooky season and you've got one last night to check it out--tonight! 

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