Remember that pesky pandemic that was COVID-19? Who doesn't. It was a strange time for all of us, but perhaps even more strange looking back at what was going on during that time. While we've gotten back to "normal" for the most part here in Idaho, it's crazy to think that in 2020, you could walk through downtown Boise on a Saturday night and not see a soul. Not even an open business! Traveling was non-existent, masks were everywhere, toilet paper was impossible to find and folks were making homemade hand sanitizer.

Now, with the pandemic "over"--we just know that some variant of COVID-19 will stick with us for the foreseeable future. Luckily, we have vaccines and a lot more knowledge about the virus than we did when things were shutting down.

While COVID-19 numbers aren't what they once were, scientists and medical experts continue to tell us that there's a spike in cases going on right now--and that includes Boise.  In fact, Ada County continues to track COVID-19 stats from our sewage water (gross, right?) and the spike in Ada County alone is clear.

So how do you find out if you have COVID-19? Nobody likes going to the doctor or a clinic--but at-home tests are now great tools for the public. Once again, the U.S. Government will mail any household some free COVID tests. All you have to do is jump online and request them.

You can sign up starting on Monday, September 25th, HERE.

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