Get your costumes ready, shopping finished up and be prepared to "Thrill the World Boise" on Saturday with one of the most popular Halloween dances of all time, Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

This isn't just a Treasure Valley thing. People gather all over the world simultaneously to coordinate the same choreographed dance as in the Michael Jackson, "Thriller" video. This is the most iconic choreography in dance that I know of and it surrounds one of the biggest songs of all time, "Thriller".

There is a local group called, "Thrill the World Boise" and practices are already going on for the main event which is this Saturday beginning at 4 p.m. live from JUMP. I'm still waiting for someone to walk in the bar and break out in one of the epic scenes from that video which kinda embodies Halloween. People take this seriously and that's why it's a national phenomenon.

There is also a Zombie walk through Downtown Boise the same day so you need to get your costumes ready. Fyi: The Boise State Broncos are off on Saturday so no excuses yo! Come out and get your freak on 👹


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