What do you know about the month of May? There are a lot of things that happen in May that people here in the Treasure Valley and the entire State of Idaho know about.

We begin to hear a lot about Boise State football in May, as the fall season looms.  Concerts are far more prevalent than they have been in past months because of the weather. Patios open up around town and the city really comes to life with all of our outdoor offerings. Oh, and all of those April 'showers' should be brining us May flowers, right?

If you didn't know this--May is Volcano Awareness Month, and it's time that we in Idaho recognize the threat that they pose to many on the globe.

Let's increase your awareness on volcanoes, below: 

Volcano Awareness Month in Idaho

It is important to be aware of volcanoes this month

Do you live in fear of volcanoes? 

We were shocked to learn that 1 in 20 earthlings live in a danger zone, because of volcanoes. This is why awareness is so important. It is refreshing to know that they exist on other planets as well--we are not alone in our fight for awareness of volcanoes.





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You can find some really great volcano facts and resources, above.

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