One of the biggest events in the whole world taking place right now is Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. If Taylor Swift hasn’t already proved time and time again that she is THE pop star this tour will do it. Not only is she selling out stadiums all over the world but according to the Federal Reserve she is also boosting the economy.

In Idaho, where Taylor Swift won't be visiting, there are thousands of fans that would give anything to see her live. So often these residents complain about Californians moving into our state but now--Idahoans are invading California.

All for Taylor Swift.

It is safe to say that so many swifties would have done anything to be at the concerts including myself and I am lucky enough to say that I was! After attending the first night of the Santa Clara Eras Tour my completely honest opinion was this one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Taylor Swift was out of this world phenomenal and commanded the stage like no other.

This show was three and a half hours of surprise after surprise in one breathtakingly fluid and grand performance. From her background dancers, to the amazing sets, to all of the special effects there was nothing to complain about.

She successfully showed off each of her albums and their unique sounds all within three and a half hours. If I had one complaint is that we missed out on the Debut era and one of my personal favorites! The smooth transitions and outfit changes were what made this concert never skip a beat. One of my favorites was when she went from “Tolerate It” in the Evermore set to “…Ready For It” to start off the Reputation set. Her video that played on the screen to start the Reputation Era off was enough to make anyone think there was an explosion due to how loud the crowd was.

Santa Clara Night 1 was one of the most special shows on tour and the crowd certainly played a role in it. There was the longest standing ovation to conclude “Champagne Problems” for the Evermore set yet at over three minutes long. There were also fireworks that were set off during the Speak Now set that Taylor and her team didn’t even have planned!

Check out these awesome photos taken by Idaho residents from the Taylor Swift show!

The Eras Tour In Photos

Overall this concert was one in a million and all of the people who put together this amazing tour did an amazing job. Taylor Swift commanded the stage and the stadium like no other and sounded absolutely amazing. This show was an 11/10 and a memory that will last a lifetime.

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