Have you heard that it's illegal in Idaho to have a public display of affection lasting over 18 minutes?

If you heard that, it's not true. Fake news. Made up. Clickbait. Etc.

However, there is one similar law in Idaho that most Idahoans aren't even aware of. That law? Title 16-6603.

Which states:

Any unmarried person who shall have such relations with an unmarried person of the opposite sex shall be deemed guilty of fornication.


That's accurate. It's illegal in Idaho to have sex with someone who isn't the spouse you're legally married to. So if you had made plans to cheat on your partner with a random, don't. Because it makes you a terrible person, but also you'll be fined a few hundred bucks and possibly end up behind bars.

By the way, if finding out that you could get in legal trouble is the only thing stopping you from cheating, may we kindly suggest marriage counseling or a divorce lawyer. Don't cheat. That's gross.

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