Pride is back and we've got the moments to prove how much love filtered through downtown Boise this weekend.

Saturday morning was the beginning of the great events that would follow and cap off another successful ending to Pride 2018.

I don't have the official totals but the streets were lined with infants, children, parents, and grandparents supporting one another. You don't have to know someone that is a part of the LGBT community to come out in support of equality for everyone. I got to see Sammi who just came out and found her voice less than a week ago. I loved that her mom was supporting her hand in hand during the parade. These are the moments that give you hope about the future. It doesn't matter whether she just realized that she is lesbian or that maybe she is confused. I believe what matters most is that her mom stood by her side, held her hand and told her how much she loved her. Words to have weight. I proud of her and that amazing mother.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

My responsibility as a talent at 103.5 Kissfm is not to persuade who you love. Just don't tell someone else who THEY should love - #loveislove 🌈

Here are some of my selfies with so many amazing Idahoans this afternoon. I loved every moment that I got to spend with you. I also have a message for the teens. I'm so proud of you. It's not easy defining who you are and most of us continue to figure that out. Today you grabbed a flag, dressed up, designed your own shirt, rocked the rainbow and made a statement. It doesn't matter who agrees with your beliefs, what matters is that you stood up for yourself and the others who might have stood behind you. I don't care who you are. That's called, courageous. Be proud of yourself today and each minute after.

Pride 2018 Gallery Two

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