The only thing I knew about the military growing up was old movies and my uncle. I didn't know much about the pain he endured but I could feel it. I remember sitting on the couch with my dad on those weekend afternoons watching black and white movies.

I remember when my sister was going to reenlist in the Army and I wasn't too happy about that. I served the Navy and was lucky enough to travel the world in some places I would probably never visit. I was really fortunate that it wasn't a wartime situation for me.

I posted up a quick question on Facebook, "How has serving in the military impacted you?" I truly believe that this is like anything else in the world that you find yourself passionate about. I'm invested in child abuse/domestic violence awareness due to my past. I was never abused but have seen enough that I made a pact with myself to do something each April (child abuse prevention month).

Serving in the military taught me a lot about sacrifice through other people I encountered during my own journey. I'm proud to say that I got to meet one of the most badass female fighter pilots in the world stationed in Mountain Home. That was an honor 🇺🇸

I will tell you nothing puts military life in perspective like real stories. We see things in the news, movies and online. It feels different when you hear it from your neighbors. These posts are from our city about real-life accounts. This is how the military has impacted their lives.

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Some of these stories are heartbreaking and also puts a smile on your face. I hold this special place in my heart for not just the military but their families. I can be shy when I'm out by myself but I try to say hi and thank someone in uniform. I just don't ever want them to think it's just another job. I've met so many listeners who wear a uniform and have been injured. Can you guess what their number one request is? To hurry back. They would leave everything because they feel it's their duty to protect those friends they left behind. There's just something heroic about that.

Thanks to the countless messages and stories. We have a big shout out to this guy too, Jeremy.

This hero is walking across the country for Veteran's Suicide Awareness and he's doing it by himself. Follow Jeremy's journey on Instagram. I can't imagine going through what they do and having to come back home as nothing changed. We need more awareness and not just once a year. I hope one day our military receive ahead of the line for everything. It's not just volunteering but it's saying I will put my life in harm's way for you. That is a hero.

Thank you to everyone for sharing.

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