The legitimate grassroots movement known as Greater Idaho was the subject of a humorous tongue-in-cheek report on the Daily Show. The Daily Show sent a correspondent to Oregon to interview Oregonians on whether or not they support the movement to join the Gem State.  The Oregonian first reported this story.  

The Greater Idaho movement was started by Oregonians who legally would like to move the borders of Idaho to include large parts of Oregon. They say that the liberal bastion of Portland has overtaken their values, and their beliefs are not represented in Salem. Several counties in Oregon have voted in recent elections to put the concept on the ballot. Greater Idaho has met with several Idaho legislators during the last legislative session.  

Check out the players in the Daily Show's Portrayal Of Greater Idaho

The cast of characters that want a more Conservative life than living with the liberal in Oregon.

The Daily Show sent reporter Ronny Chieng who interviewed several folks involved with the Greater Idaho movement. The report was mixed with sarcasm, dark humor, and profanity which most viewers outside of Idaho and Oregon could find appealing.  

Mr. Chieng visited Idaho as well as Oregon to engage in a man on street-type interviews. He spoke with a few folks who didn't appear to know anything about the issue. The reporter asked a few folks about driving six hours for legal weed, angry conservatives, and whether or not one lady would support Oregon paying Idaho to join the Gem State. In a class move, she answered with profanity.

The troubling result of this interview is that the report treats the Greater Idaho Movement as a joke. The people behind the movement are portrayed in a not-so-flattering light. You can imagine the sneers and gears coming from the elites on both coasts. Thankfully, we won't have to worry about those folks moving to Idaho. 

You can watch the entire segment below.

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