I have never been a huge fan of road trips because who doesn't love to fly!? However, I've done my fair share.

While living in Spokane, Washington as a student at Gonzaga University, I would often make the drive across the state to get to Seattle. I always appreciated how green the state was and driving through wasn't ever TOO boring. The drive into Leavenworth, Washington is even more gorgeous.  The longest drive I ever took was to Glendale, Arizona for the famous (and original) Fiesta Bowl. That drive was intense..but so worth watching college football history.

One thing that I've never paid attention to in my road trips has been roadside attractions...but for many, this can make a trip a whole lot more interesting-- if you've got the time. I recently found out that the USA Today highlighted the best roadside attraction in every state...and Idaho's isn't a shocker.

I'm very familiar with Washington's-- that big Radio Flyer red wagon in downtown Spokane that can fit 300 people or more inside. But Idaho's just isn't as...photogenic?

Any guesses? Who am I joking. It's a potato. A giant one. And it's outside of the...Idaho Potato Museum. I suppose if you love potatoes this could be an interesting visit. Located in Blackfoot, Idaho (near Pocatello), you can learn about the state's homegrown gem and snag a photo with the giant sculpture right out front.

To see the attraction chosen for all 48 other states, click HERE.


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