Well Easter 2019 has come and is nearly gone-- but that doesn't mean that the talk of candy is over. Aside from many religious and spiritual celebrations that surround the holiday--for many kids and adults alike, it can be the treats and candy that make Easter just as joyful. What did you end up with in your eggs and baskets, this Easter?

According to a survey conducted by RetailMeNot, Idahoan's have a real love for ONE type of candy over the Easter season.

Many people give up candy, sugar, and sweets as a lenten challenge for themselves so maybe that's why there's such a love for candy as the holiday arrives but which could it be that us Idahoans, allegedly, love so much?

I'll say this: it certainly isn't peeps. I've only met one person that loved those things EVER. As for Jelly Beans? Sure they're a classic but anymore they just seem a little dated...

Idaho's favorite? The Cadbury Egg!

I've never been a fan of these things because they're a little too rich for me-- but I can definitely get behind the chocolate aspect. A Cadbury Egg is a chocolate shell (shaped like an Easter egg, of course), filled with a sweet white/yellow filling which is meant to seem like the yolk of a real egg.

Not your favorite? See if it made the list for another state, HERE.


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